Team Uttejit

FS Team Uttejit is the official formula hybrid team of VIT University, Vellore. The team’s roots extend back to 2013, where its groundwork was laid to manufacture a high performance vehicle keeping its environmental footprint in mind. Four years on, as the reigning champions of Asia’s largest Formula student competition- the ISIE-HVC, we can say that we have been fairly successful in that pursuit. This has been made possible by a group of passionate engineers from varied backgrounds coming together and channelizing their energy towards the shared goal of making the best car we can. However, we view it not as a mission which ends at a destination but as a neverending journey- a journey where the quest for progress guides us forward. This ideology has been the driving force behind us deciding to take up the challenge of proving our mettle on foreign soil as we take part in the FSAE Formula Hybrid to be held in New Hampshire International Speedway, New Loudon inthe coming season




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